Labrador Retriever Training Video: The Power of Bandersnatch

    As Snatch’s fame has spread over the country with the incredible puppies he’s throwing, we have been asked by people who haven’t seen him “How athletic can a hundred pound dog be?” It’s fifty yards from where he leaves my side to where he leaves the ground (2.5 seconds) He’s so big and […]

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I Can't Throw Another One Until You Give It Back to Me, Labrador Retriever puppy training

Woody’s Way: The Labrador Retriever Puppy’s First Retrieve

  If you’re still riding this train, our last session was about the magic of retrieving for both humans and dogs.  Did you watch Obi do a remote bomb search last week to be rewarded by nothing more than the thrill of retrieving a kong toy? This is some valuable knowledge that should serve you […]

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training a Labrador Retriever Puppy, Twin Lakes Kennel training labrador retriever puppy

Woody’s Way: Young Labrador Retriever Puppy Problems

Woody’s Way Young Puppy Problems With a pup under three months, we aren’t yet into training and we don’t use any negative motivation until the puppy is older and more mature. The one exception to that, is puppy biting. Sometimes when we’re playing with them, they’ll get excited and go from licking us to biting. […]

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Ginny, Labrador Retriever puppy testimonial from happy owners for Twin Lakes Kennel

Meet Ginny!

Meet Ginny! She’s a beautiful Labrador Retriever puppy bought from us a few weeks ago. Photo taken in late July from happy owners T, C, & G. <More Happy Owners> Become a happy owner:  Call Woody and Judi Thurman at (910) 462-3246 for more information on how to reserve your Labrador Retriever puppy and learn […]

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