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There are two kinds of Labs.  There are Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Deceivers.  A Labrador Deceiver is a dog that has no retrieve drive.  If you’re reading this, you probably are in the Labrador Retriever camp.  Playing retrieve with your lab puppy is very important whether you are a hunter or not.

Throwing marks for your puppy is a wonderful way to bond with it.  They really enjoy it and look forward to it.  It is a great way to exercise your puppy.  They love it so much that it can also be used as a reward.  You will be amazed at what you can teach your dog to do when its only reward is being allowed to retrieve.

Until the Department of Defense started the Afghanistan pull out, my son and I trained some very special Labs for the Marine Corps.  They were IED detection dogs who worked remotely for their handlers.  They had to be able to be handled by whistle and hand signals to any suspicious looking area (buildings, vehicles, etc.).  They also had to quarter like a windshield wiper at 100 meters in front of a platoon of Marines on the move.  When they located a bomb of any kind using their magical noses, they would turn around facing their handler and lay down to signal a find.  That’s what we call a passive response.  If the dog has found an IED, we don’t want it to be aggressive in identifying where it is. We want the dog to locate the bomb, not set it off.

What these Labs learned to do was truly remarkable.  The motivational reward they got for doing all that is even more remarkable: a fun retrieve for their favorite “happy” (tennis ball, kong toy).   That’s it!  Labrador Retrievers can do things no other breed group of dogs can, and they do it to be rewarded with one happy retrieve.  Are you getting this?  The greatest reward a properly trained lab can ever get is the chance to enjoy retrieving.  That’s why, hunter or not, you need to share your dog’s joy at being able to feel so good.  And we can share that with them.

Here’s a video of Perry’s dog Twin Lakes Ben Kanobi, call name Obi. He is unquestionably one of the best bomb detection dogs on the planet.

Watch the simple reward he gets for doing such a complicated task. If you share your dog’s retrieve drive, these are the kind of things you can teach it to do just for one wonderful opportunity to share retrieving with you.  Oh, by the way, that’s not a real bomb, but rather a small amount of ammonium nitrate, one of the primary ingredients used by terrorists.

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