Special Breeding for Duck Hunters


Tippy at Work


Every once in a while, even among great Labs, there is one who is strikingly precocious. Tippy is that dog.  Aaron Horton, who’s family have been clients and friends for decades, bought her at nine months old.  Aaron is one of the best and most dedicated duck hunters I know.  He hunts from Canada to Mexico and most places in between.  Tippy turned five in January and has picked up over 4000 ducks and geese.  You may not hunt as hard or as often as Aaron, but wouldn’t you enjoy a Lab who always finds your birds?  This litter should be spectacular!


Yellow and Black Lab Puppies Born February 5

Lab Pups will be ready to go home March 31

All Pups from this Special Breeding are $2500.00

Twin Lakes Ben Kanobi “Obi”

Twin Lakes Kennel Ben Kanobi, nicknamed Obi















Twin Lakes Troublesome Tippy-Toes

Twin Lakes Troublesome Tippy-Toes




















Call Woody and Judi Thurman at (910) 462-3246 for more information.