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Click for info @ Twin Lakes KennelAccording to Google Maps, you are just one hour from the center of the Labrador retriever universe! Located in the wooded rolling sand hills of Scotland County just outside Laurel Hill, NC, Twin Lakes Kennel is home to the world’s finest American Labrador retrievers.  Woody, owner and Master Trainer who has titled more than 200 AKC Master Hunter Labrador Retrievers and also qualified another 47 retrievers at AKC Master Nationals said, “We select from the most dominant American field bloodlines and breed for natural hunting instinct and tractability, producing healthy, intelligent, trainable puppies.” Our Labrador retriever puppies are gentle, intelligent, trainable, and the most well rounded Labs possible, making them a most desirable family pet.

When selecting a breeder for your new Labrador retriever, we believe that superior bloodlines are more important than location. At Twin Lakes, we have been breeding and training world class Labrador retrievers for almost forty years. Our unique, one of a kind Puppy Guarantee makes buying one of our pure-bred Labrador retrievers one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Here are the personal testimonials from prominent Labrador Retriever owners from around the country. Visit our Puppy Page or call Woody or Judi for the latest puppy information at 910.462.3246 or use our user-friendly Contact Us Page.

Labrador Retriever Most Popular Dog in AKC History

In their annual announcement, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) revealed the results of their pure bred registration statistics. Not surprisingly, the intelligent, family friendly Labrador retriever has taken the number one spot on the most popular list for the 23rd consecutive year, the longest reign at the top in AKC history. “We know how popular the Labrador retriever is just by the high demand we have experienced this year,” said Judi. Judi, who is in charge of everything puppy, said, “This has been the strongest year in our forty year history of breeding these beautiful dogs.”

Labrador Retrievers Give Good Therapy

A licensed professional counselor, with thirty years of experience, explained how owning a Labrador retriever can help produce healthier, happier, more well adjusted children and seniors in two recent articles. Here is an excerpt:

Having that furry pooch sit down at our feet and nuzzle close to us makes us feel important and needed.  These are just simple things that occur on a daily basis.  Medical professionals have done research to show that all pets, but especially dogs, have notably positive affects on senior citizens. Scientists have started to explore the complex way animals affect human emotions and physiology. The resulting studies have shown that owning and handling dogs significantly benefits health. In fact, pets may help elderly owners live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.

Be sure to read the rest of her articles: Ten Reasons to Own a Dog and Labs and Seniors.

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