Dogs encourage their owners to go outdoors and get involved in more physical activity.  Dogs enjoy getting their senior owners to go outside, take a walk and remain physically more active. This helps to improve the physical health of senior citizens. A dog as sedentary as a lap dog can also help to greatly help to improve the health of their senior citizen owners as taking care of a pet dog involves a fair amount of physical activity.  With the progress of medical science, the concept of therapy dogs has come into prominence. Studies have found that activities such as petting the dogs can lower heart rate and blood pressure, release feel good hormones such as endorphins and most importantly help the older people to gain a new view of  life. Having a pet dog brings out the natural ability to nurture and love. Senior citizens get a lot of satisfaction and joy from taking care of a pet and the pet loves them unconditionally.  This love and acceptance can give a senior a great sense of self-esteem and responsibility.  The pets lower the stress and anxiety levels of their owners. Having a dog also helps to counter depression by giving them enthusiasm to live their life.

Living a longer life may be just as simple as getting a dog. Studies have found that pet ownership has a direct correlation in the number of years that you will live. This is not the only benefit that can be found from having a dog, however. Recuperating from illness or injury is made much quicker and more efficient with the companionship of a pet as well. This is why they tend to be a great choice for senior citizens.

In addition to all the benefits as mentioned above, having a pet dog has certain other advantages as well. The pet dogs can act as watch dogs and thus can provide some protection to their owners. In case of an accident, the pet dogs can also alert the neighbors. The dogs add a sense of security and safety to the life of older people.

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