Direct Benefits that Dogs can Bring Seniors

Dogs have always been regarded as best friends to man. Their loyalty and a number of other character traits render them to be of innumerable use to human beings. From being used as guard-dogs at home to helping the visually challenged, they always manage to be of some use to each of us. One of the remarkable uses of dogs is as companions for senior citizens. It has been discovered that the key to a longer and healthier life is often as simple as companionship. The companion dog can immensely improve the physical and mental health of senior citizens.

Another important benefit that dogs can provide to their senior citizen owners is relief from boredom. The dogs help to bring out the natural ability to love in human beings. Taking care of a dog gives one a great deal of joy and satisfaction. Older people greatly value their friendship with their dogs. This greatly improves their emotional health. Furthermore, it helps people to overcome one of the greatest nuisances of old age, boredom. The responsibility of taking care of the dog who is dependent on them gives the older adult a reason to live life meaningfully. As far as the dog, having such good companionship from an owner is very good for their overall pet health.  Dogs are especially responsive to conversation–specifically, tone of voice.  The voice is a large part of training the dog.  It’s helpful that the dog is so responsive to conversation, since the elderly have a need for talking.  When the senior citizen has no humans to converse with, talking with their dog is a great substitute.

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