Americans are used to learning new terms and definitions which have become popular throughout our history. From the days of the Roman Empire, veni, vidi,vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) has carried its own distinctive meaning. Give me liberty or give me death; The buck stops here; Yada, yada, yada; The Graying of America. It is the latter phrase that brings the subject of this article to the forefront.

At present, people 50 years or older make up 24 percent of the population of the United States. According to the National Institute on Aging, by 2050, this number will likely reach 30 million. Books, movies, television programs and dozens of research projects are focusing on the many challenges and adjustments that will be forthcoming as a result of the irreversible speed of this graying roller coaster on which we are fellow adventurers.

Social Security, Medicare, public support programs, church and synagogue activities, need for part-time employment, and health care are a few of the most prominent areas of concern for leaders in government and civic roles. As we face these situations as a nation, we also face the necessity as families and individuals to provide the most practical and economically sound benefits for our own friends and family members who are entering this uncharted terrain. One of the best solutions for the aging population is to provide a dog for the persons involved.

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