In review, having a pet brings out the natural ability to nurture and love. Senior citizens get a lot of satisfaction and joy from caring for a pet and receive unconditionally love and acceptance in return. This love and acceptance can give the elderly a great sense of self-esteem and responsibility, which keeps them interested in life. Just petting a dog has been found to release those feel-good hormones, endorphins, to give a new view on life and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Senior citizens who have pets are known for being healthier and happier. They have a responsibility for taking care of their pet and this gives them the impetus to get up every morning and live their life. It gives the individual companionship and unconditional love that can enable them to get through crises and other problems with less stress. For a senior citizen, a dog’s love and acceptance can be a priceless experience.

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Charlotte IaquintaAbout the author: Charlotte Iaquinta, M.Ed.

Mrs. “I”, as she is affectionately known by her former students, has been a college professor for twenty-eight years, chairing the Department of Human & Family Services at Southwestern Christian University for most of those years. She has been a licensed counselor (OK) and a certified psychometrist (OK) for two decades. She has three earned Master’s Degrees, one in Higher Education, one in Psychology of Counseling and one in English as Second Language. She also has an honorary Doctorate in Family Counseling. She is currently retired from teaching and practice, enjoying her seven grandchildren.

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