Healthy Body and Mind

A dog will not only make a good companion for sitting around the house. It can be a great encouragement to get outside and exercise as well. Senior citizens who have pets have been found to be much more active and healthy than those who do not. Having a dog helps the senior citizen to find the enthusiasm to get out of the house and walk. With a furry friend waiting by the door excited to get outside, it is hard to stay inside!

Senior citizens often have issues with depression. This is quite understandable, when you consider that they are watching their friends and family members get ill and pass away. They also live alone for the most part and may not have much contact with others.  Adding a dog to their life can give them the enthusiasm to live their life and decrease depression. A dog can also offer a sense of safety and security to their home and lifestyle.  It is a known fact that dogs have helped their masters to realize when their blood sugar is low, when they are about to have a seizure, or are having other symptoms of illness. This uncanny ability to anticipate health issues in their owner is still being researched.

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