The Volunteer Heel, labrador retriever training tips

Woody’s Way: The Long Line & The Volunteer Heel

  Our pup is 3 months old and has been conditioned to wearing the chain collar and being on the tie out stake.  The pup should understand that there is no future in fighting an immovable object.  With these objectives met we are ready to begin using the long line to gain general attentiveness and […]

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Labrador Retriever Training Video: The Power of Bandersnatch

    As Snatch’s fame has spread over the country with the incredible puppies he’s throwing, we have been asked by people who haven’t seen him “How athletic can a hundred pound dog be?” It’s fifty yards from where he leaves my side to where he leaves the ground (2.5 seconds) He’s so big and […]

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Correct for Dog Heeling on Left Side, Labrador Retriever Tips

Woody’s Way: Boot Camp Ahead

  Well, Kindergarten is over and its time to go to boot camp.  At 3 months, our labrador retriever puppy should be very well socialized, have learned both the “here” and “sit” command and be well on its way to being housetrained.  It’s time to begin the foundation that will underpin everything you train your […]

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I Can't Throw Another One Until You Give It Back to Me, Labrador Retriever puppy training

Woody’s Way: The Labrador Retriever Puppy’s First Retrieve

  If you’re still riding this train, our last session was about the magic of retrieving for both humans and dogs.  Did you watch Obi do a remote bomb search last week to be rewarded by nothing more than the thrill of retrieving a kong toy? This is some valuable knowledge that should serve you […]

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“HOT” Dogs: Heat Exhaustion Dangers For Labrador Retrievers

  In case you haven’t noticed, summer is seriously here.  Not everywhere is as hot as we are here, but it’s hot almost everywhere.  You and I, like most humans, have a normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees.  Our dog’s normal body temperature is between 101 – 102 degrees (essentially 3 degrees hotter) Retrievers are […]

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